Category: Tropheus


Time for this long time alpha male to take a break from the beatings. I’ve moved him out of the group until his fins heal up, then I’ll reintroduce him to the colony after I rearrange the tank a bit. This keeps the new kid on the block from being picked on, as it’s pretty much a free for all when you change up their territories. Until the hierarchy is reset.

I usually perform large water changes, up to 90% every two to three weeks. The Tropheus just love the fresh water! They’ll surf in the current, and brighten up. If you have a seasoned tank, don’t be afraid to change more than half the water every change.

These guys are mesmerising. You can really see their colors changing in this video. I just fed them, so pay no attention to floating debris. You can also quite clearly see the O2 blocking protein scum on the surface of the water to the right. Over flows and power heads are a good way to keep your tank “breathing”.