Cyathopharynx Foai “Sibwesa” have buit their first pit


Small “Bower” or pit was dug at some point before I got up this morning. When feeding the C. Foai, I noticed the female nudging the NLS pellets up the sides of the pit… Weird. Turns out she was holding at least a couple of eggs. They were gone the following morning, so I suspect they were not fertilized properly by the inexperienced male. I’m sure he just needs a little practice, and a dark metallic, shimmery, jewel encrusted suit wouldn’t hurt either. Can’t wait to see some of their famous  mating colors.

Most of the pictures have been taken with the flash on so it really isn’t a good representation of the actual colors. In room, or day light, they still have the jewel encrusted sides and they tend to darken up quite a bit. I’ve decided just to post the pictures even if they look horrible, better to have a record, rather than posts that only features 1 out of a thousand takes.  Fish photography is hard people.


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