Cyathopharynx Foai “Sibwesa”


I Just purchased 7 juvenile Cyathopharynx Foia “Sibwesa” for my tank. This was a fish I had dreamed about having in my aquarium ever since seeing the documentary about lake Tanganyika : “Jewel Of The Rift”, narrated by none other that James Earl Jones, that’s right, Darth Vader. Definitely worth the watch .

The Cyathopharynx. Foai collected from Sibwesa on lake Tanganyika are arguably one of the most beautiful and interesting fresh water fish that you can keep.  I just hope that mine turn out to be the real deal as the look of these fish can change dramatically from one geographic region to another.


The largest ones are about 3 inches now, so they’ve got at least another inch before I start to see any male coloration. A furious display of green, copper, and blue metallic fins and scales. Stunning.


The have almost platinum silver scales at this young age sometimes with a horizontal line of spots when excited. Every now and then you’ll catch a flash of neon like colors when the light hits them just right.

Needless to say I’m very excited to see how they mature. I’ll post some more pics and video as soon as I can capture something web worthy.

 They will be getting their own tank once they have grown out a little more. Until then, they will be interrupting my breeding group of Golden Kazumbas. Oh the sacrifices you make in fish keeping…
C. Foai "Sibwesa"



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