Tropheus Cichlid Fry In DIY Fry Trap

This is a video of the Tropheus eggs in my diy fry trap. They are about 4-5 weeks old now and almost ready to be released in the fry tank. An interesting note, they have been eating almost as soon as they grew mouths and not relying only on their egg sac. providing the fry with a premium food right at the get go well ensure fast growth and strong stock. I drop in a small amount of NLS 3 times a day.

This was a really simple build. Just take a margarine container, cut out some windows and then glue some plastic window screen to the inside using aquarium silicone. I then zip tied some foam floats to the outsides in three evenly spaced places. Works like a charm and no more tears breaking expensive, fragile store bought fry traps. Does anyone have any other ideas for holding young fry?

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