Tropheus Duboisi “Maswa” Spawning Ritual

I managed to catch my Tropheus Duboisi “Maswa” Spawning on video. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to capture the egg being dropped and then be picked up by the female. This ritual will go on for hours, and be repeated over the course of a few days until the female has a full capacity of fertilized eggs in her mouth. In the wild she will brood the eggs in her buccal cavity for about a month, before the fry make their escape. This is one of the really fascinating behaviors pretty much exclusive to African cichlids.

I’ve witnessed strange behavior from the male. He will some times pick up the egg and pass it back to to the female. Even taking the egg for a trip around the tank first. Its appears to be some form of bi-parental mouth brooding. Typically males will just gobble the eggs the first chance they get.

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