Keep Your Aquarium Free of Algae, and Streaks?

Here ‘s a quick tip to save you some time in your aquarium maintenance routine and make sure your tanks are always sparkling clean. I like to use a magnetic algae scrapers. Unlike other types of glass cleaning instruments like the scrubbers and sponges, magnetic algae scrapers don’t require you to remove the lid or get your hands wet, which means I won’t hesitate to do the entire tank when i’m just passing by. It takes all of 3 minutes to do an entire 70 gallon tank.

After using the magnetic algae scraper, you still have to clean the outside with a glass cleaner, paper towel, or micro fiber cloth to remove any streaks or hand prints, but not if you do both at the same time.

Fold a paper towel and put it between the scraper and the glass. You can then proceed to spray glass cleaner on the paper towel, not the glass panels. Be VERY careful when using glass cleaner around the aquarium. It is toxic to fish. Take care to prevent over-spray.  Use small circular motions to scour off the algae, at the same time wiping the outside clear of streaks, thus cutting your glass cleaning maintenance time in half.

If you have 4 tanks to do, that is a lot of time saved in the long run. I dispose of  the paper towels after each use. Microfiber cloths works much better than paper towels, as they don’t leave any white fuzzies stuck to the glass.

But a really dirty trick is to drop the dry side of the magnet into a retired sock. A cotton polyester sports sock will work well as a disposable cleaning cloth without having to worry about a cloth slipping away.

Mag Float is probably the most well know brand name of this magnetic variety, but many knock offs exist. Just be sure you get the strongest magnet you can get for the thickness of glass you are cleaning.

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